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Personal defense guns
Unfamiliar with personal defense pistols and shotguns?  If so, then Guptonís is the perfect place to choose your concealed carry weapon.  With expert advice, you can choose the pistol thatís perfect for your needs, choosing from a wide variety of top-name manufacturers.

Gupton's carries all sized of concealed weapons, everything from single action derringers to semi-automatic and snub-nose revolvers.

We can also help you customize the perfect gun to suit your home protection needs.  If you can dream it, we can configure it:

A personal defense weapon is an important choice and you must carefully consider your options.

We offer a huge array of concealed carry handguns, and we can recommend several reputable programs for obtaining the training required to get a concealed carry weapons permit.

We also carry a full line of concealed carry holsters and ladies holsters

Whether you want a revolver, semi-automatic, derringer or a hand-cannon, Guptonís has a wide selection of pistols, handguns and home protection shotguns. 

Nobody is too old to protect themselves and Gupton's experts can guide you to the perfect gun:

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